The Craft

D: Andrew Fleming
Columbia (Douglas Wick)
USA 🇺🇸 1996
100 mins
W: Peter Filardi & Andrew Fleming
DP: Alexander Gruszynski
Ed: Jeff Freeman
Mus: Graeme Revell
Robin Tunney (Sarah Bailey), Fairuza Balk (Nancy Downs), Neve Campbell (Bonnie Hyper), Rachel True (Rocchelle Zimmerman), Skeet Ulrich (Chris Hooker)
Four girls at a high school practice witchcraft and use sorcery for their own means, but soon find out the negative repercussions of using such magic.
The film predates the basis for a TV show called Charmed and would probably appeal most to fans of that programme and teenage girls in general.
For everyone else it's rather tedious and unoriginal. Still, it was a surprise hit in 1996 and has gone on to have a cult following. I just have to confess that it just wasn't for me.
The Craft
The Craft