The Cowboys

D: Mark Rydell
Warner Bros/Sanford (Mark Rydell)
USA 🇺🇸 1972
128 mins


W: Irving Ravetsch & Harriet Frank, Jr [based on the novel by William Dale Jennings]
DP: Robert Surtees
Ed: Robert Swink & Neil Travis
Mus: John Williams

John Wayne (Will Anderson), Roscoe Lee Browne (Jebediah Nightlinger), Bruce Dern (Asa Watts), Slim Pickens (Anse Peterson), Sarah Cunningham (Annie Anderson), A. Martinez (Cimarron)

John Wayne does his usual as a grizzled cattle driver who, after being deserted by his ranch hands, enlists the help of eleven schoolboys to assist him.
After falling foul of three outlaws, they take on a mission of revenge.
A decent western, though it wasn't helped by being released in the wrong decade and does stretch on for a little too long. 
Roscoe Lee Browne is probably the standout of the cast and the cinematography and music are very good.
A short-lived television series followed a few years later.

John Wayne in The Cowboys
John Wayne in The Cowboys