Dreams change. Friends are forever.
Dreams change. Friends are forever.
D: Tamra Davis
Paramount/MTV (Ann Carli)
USA 🇺🇸 2002
93 mins


W: Shonda Rhimes
DP: Eric Edwards
Ed: Melissa Kent
Mus: Trevor Jones

Britney Spears (Lucy Wagner), Anson Mount (Ben), Zoe Saldana (Kit), Taryn Manning (Mimi), Kim Cattrall (Caroline Wagner), Dan Aykroyd (Pete Wagner), Justin Long (Henry)

Britney Spears fannies around in her bra and knickers, sings a song about not being a girl, or a woman (hermaphrodite perhaps?) and attempts to deliver any kind of depth to an acting performance. It doesn't work. At all.
There is a story somewhere in this about a group of girls on a road trip, but let's be honest, who really gives a shit? This was just a blatant cash-grab at the teeny-boppers huge popularity at the turn of the millennium.
Thankfully, a career in movies didn't materialise for the pop star... although she did continue as a singer until her popularity waned.

Britney Spears in Crossroads
Britney Spears in Crossroads