For 2000 centuries it slept. From now on you won't.
For 2000 centuries it slept. From now on you won't.
D: William Malone
Trans World Entertainment (William G. Dunn, Jr. & William Malone)
USA 🇺🇸 1984 (released 1985)
97 mins
Science Fiction/Horror

W: William Malone
DP: Harry Mathias
Ed: Bette Jane Cohen
Mus: Thomas Chase & Steve Rucker

Stan Ivar (Capt. Mike Davison), Wendy Schaal (Beth Sladen), Lyman Ward (David Perkins), Robert Jaffe (Jon Fennel), Diane Salinger (Melanie Bryce), Annette McCarthy (Dr. Wendy Oliver), Klaus Kinski (Hans Hofner)

A group of astronauts discover a dormant alien on one of Saturn's moons which begins to kill them off one-by-one.
Straight to video Alien ripoff which isn't even subtle with its plagiarism, utilising the same plot, similar characters and even using the same music cues as the 1979 sci-fi classic. There's a bit of a twist in the final half hour, when it chooses the plot from The Thing (qv) as its source of inspiration.
The only originality comes in the form of the creature design, which is far from amazing, but can at least be forgiven considering the modest budget of the production. This aspect must have been admired by director James Cameron, who used the same creature designers when he made Aliens, which happens to be in a completely different universe to this cheaply-produced mess.