Cowboys & Aliens

First Contact. Last Stand.
First Contact. Last Stand.

D: Jon Favreau
Universal/Paramount/Dreamworks/Imagine/Relativity Media (Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Alex Kurtzmann, Roberto Orci & Scott Mitchell Rosenberg)
USA 🇺🇸 2011
118 mins

Science Fiction/Western/Adventure

W: Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzmann, Damon Lindelhof, Mark Fergus & Hawk Ostby [based on the comic book by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg)
DP: Matthew Libatique
Ed: Dan Lebental & Jim May
Mus: Harry Gregson-Williams

Daniel Craig (Jake Lonergan), Harrison Ford (Col. Woodrow Dolarhyde), Olivia Wilde (Ella Swenson), Sam Rockwell (Doc), Paul Dano (Percy Dolarhyde)

The title says all you need to know about the story; a Wild West outlaw discovers a piece of futuristic technology sparking a war develops between mankind and the alien species. That's about the long and short of it.
A crossover of genres which probably worked better as a graphic novel. The film itself is nonsensical brainless popcorn entertainment, with a woefully miscast Harrison Ford. Olivia Wilde is pleasing on the eye though.
Not completely terrible, but certainly not very good.

Harrison Ford & Daniel Craig in Cowboys & Aliens
Harrison Ford & Daniel Craig in Cowboys & Aliens