COP (18)
D: James B. Harris
Atlantic (James B. Harris & James Woods)
USA 🇺🇸 1988
110 mins
W: James B. Harris [based on the novel 'Blood On The Moon' by James Ellroy]
DP: Steve Dubin
Ed: Anthony Spano
Mus: Michel Colombier
James Woods (Lloyd Hopkins), Lesley Ann Warren (Kathleen McCarthy), Charles Durning (Dutch Pelz), Charles Haid (Whitey Haines), Raymond J. Barry (Fred Gaffney), Randi Brooks (Joanie Pratt), Steven Lambert (Bobby Franco), Christopher Wynne (Jack Gibbs), Jan McGill (Jen Hopkins)
A rather standard thriller starring James Woods as a homicide detective, obsessed that a recent murder is related to a string of unresolved crimes by an unknown serial killer. 
Ostracising his family and colleagues, this movie is practically carried by Woods' excellent performance. Shame the last 10 minutes descends into clicheland. Based on a novel by James Ellroy.

James Woods in Cop
James Woods in Cop