Cop Out

Rock out with your Glock out
Rock out with your Glock out
COP OUT (15)
D: Kevin Smith
Warner Bros. (Marc E. Platt, Polly Johnsen & Michael Tadross)
USA 🇺🇸 2010
107 mins
W: Mark Cullen & Robb Cullen
DP: Dave Klein
Ed: Kevin Smith
Mus: Harold Faltermeyer
Bruce Willis (Det. Jimmy Monroe), Tracy Morgan (Det. Paul Hodges), Kevin Pollak (Hunsaker), Seann William Scott (Dave), Adam Brody (Barry Mangold)

The original title was intended to be "A Couple Of Dicks" but when the studio changed it to "A Couple Of Cops" director Kevin Smith said it was a cop out, which ironically became the new title of the movie.

It's entertaining enough as a homage to 1980's buddy-cop flicks without being particularly funny, partnering Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as two incompetent officers who are put on unpaid suspension after screwing up a drug bust.

With Willis' daughter's expensive wedding on the horizon and needing the cash to pay for it, he decides to sell a valuable baseball card, which gets stolen and winds up in the possession of the drug honcho who they're trying to bring down at the start of the movie.

The film is packed with references to other action & crime films but the jokes are more miss than hit, and all the scenes featuring Seann William Scott are particularly unfunny.

It's sad to say that without Jay & Silent Bob, Kevin Smith's films simply aren't very good.


Tracy Morgan, Seann William Scott & Bruce Willis in Cop Out
Tracy Morgan, Seann William Scott & Bruce Willis in Cop Out