D: Anton Corbijn

Northsee/EM Media/3 Dogs & A Pony (Orian Williams, Anton Corbijn & Todd Eckert)

UK/Japan/Australia 🇬🇧 🇯🇵 🇦🇺 2007

122 mins


W: Matt Greenhalgh [based on the book "Touching From A Distance" by Deborah Curtis]

DP: Martin Ruhe

Ed: Andrew Hulme

Mus: New Order

Sam Riley (Ian Curtis), Samantha Morton (Deborah Curtis), Alexandra Maria Laura (Annik), Joe Anderson (Hooky), Toby Kebbell (Rob Gretton)

A warts and all biopic of doomed singer Ian Curtis, of British alternative Joy Division, whose life was cut short amid personal problems.

Anton Corbijn presents Curtis' story with moody, washed out black and white photography which manages to capture the personality of the musician as well as the late 1970's period to perfection.

The performances are excellent, especially Sam Riley, who uncannily captures all of Ian Curtis' traits and mannerisms, while Samantha Morton is also excellent as his wife, Deborah Curtis', whose memoir formed the basis for the film.


Sam Riley in Control
Sam Riley in Control