Conspiracy Theory

D: Richard Donner
Warner Bros. (Joel Silver & Richard Donner)     
USA 🇺🇸 1997
135 mins
W: Brian Helgeland 
DP: John Schwartzman
Ed: Frank J. Urioste & Kevin Stitt
Mus: Carter Burwell
PD: Paul Sylbert
Mel Gibson (Jerry Fletcher), Julia Roberts (Alice Sutton), Patrick Stewart (Dr. Jonas), Cylk Cozart (Agent Lowry)

A New York taxi driver is obsessed with conspiracy theories, writing about them in his own independent publication, but he becomes a pursued man when something he writes about is more than just a paranoid rant.
A good idea for a thriller descends into a standard chase movie which rips off as many similar films from the 1970's as it can muster.
My opinion of course, and it may be a little harsh, but this is just lazy filmmaking for an undemanding audience.

Julia Roberts & Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory
Julia Roberts & Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory