Charley Varrick

D: Don Siegel
Universal (Don Siegel)
USA 🇺🇸 1973
111 mins


W: Dean Reisner & Howard Rodman [based on the novel 'The Looters' by John Reese]
DP: Michael Butler
Ed: Frank Morriss
Mus: Lalo Schifrin
PD: Fernando Carrere

Walter Matthau (Charley Varrick), Joe Don Baker (Molly), Felicia Farr (Sybil Ford), Andy Robinson (Harman Sullivan), John Vernon (Maynard Boyle), Sheree North (Jewell Everett), Norman Fell (Mr. Garfinkle), Benson Fong (Honest John)

Walter Matthau is fantastic, cast partly against type, as a professional bank robber who discovers he has stolen mafia money and hatches a plan to throw them off his chase.     
While not being as well known as the director's other works (Dirty Harry, etc), this is a worthy crime thriller of the 1970's which deserves 111 minutes of anyone's time.

Walter Matthau in Charley Varrick
Walter Matthau in Charley Varrick