Wide open with nowhere to run
Wide open with nowhere to run
D: Brad Sykes
Astro/Dead Alive/Burning Moon/Razor Digital (David S. Serling)
USA 🇺🇸 2000
73 mins
W: Brad Sykes
DP: Jeff Leroy
Ed: Jeff Leroy
Jennifer Ritchoff (Tricia), Michael Taylor (Steven / Dr. West), Tim Young (Jason / Det. Hamlet), Bethany Zolt (Nicole / Nurse)
Ultra low-budget straight to video slasher nonsense about a killer clown hacking his way through a group of college kids in the woods. It makes no attempt to be good in anyway, using the same actors in secondary roles and ripping off Friday The 13th even down to the using the location name Camp Crystal Lake.
It is entertaining enough if you're surrounded by friends and several cans of beer (or whatever floats your boat), but it is by no means a good film. Everything about it, from direction and performances to photography and editing is bargain basement poor. 
A glut of sequels followed, some of which had absolutely nothing to do with the events in this film.

Camp Blood
Camp Blood