California Man

Where the Stone Age meets the Rock Age
Where the Stone Age meets the Rock Age
D: Les Mayfield
Hollywood Pictures/Touchstone (George Zaloom)
USA 🇺🇸 1992
88 mins


W: Shawn Schepps
DP: Robert Brickmann
Ed: Eric Sears & Jonathan Siegel
Mus: J. Peter Robinson 

Sean Astin (Dave Morgan), Brendan Fraser (Link), Pauly Shore (Stanley 'Stoney' Brown), Megan Ward (Robyn Sweeney), Robin Tunney (Ella), Michael DeLuise (Matt Wilson)

Retitled California Man in the UK because we don't know where the hell Encino is.
Two Bill & Ted like high school students discover a caveman in their back yard and when he thaws out and comes back to life they take him to school with them so they can hang out with the popular kids.
The film is typical American high school nonsense with all the usual clichés. The plot actually bares so many similarities with 1985's Weird Science (qv), this could almost qualify as a remake. The enjoyment level heavily depends on whether you find humour in the way Pauly Shore speaks.
I don't, buuuuuddy.

The cast of California Man
The cast of California Man