The Borrowers

D: Peter Hewitt
Polygram/Working Title (Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner & Rachel Talalay)
USA 🇬🇧 1997
83 mins


W: Gavin Scott & John Camps [based on the books by Mary Norton]
DP: John Fenner & Trevor Brooker
Ed: David Freeman
Mus: Harry Gregson-Williams
PD: Gemma Jackson

John Goodman (Ocious P. Potter), Jim Broadbent (Pod Clock), Hugh Laurie (Officer Oliver Steady), Bradley Pierce (Pete Lender), Flora Newbigin (Arrietty Clock), Tom Felton (Peagreen Clock), Celia Imrie (Homily Clock)

Fun kids film about a family of tiny people who live under the floorboards of a house and their mini-war with the unlikeable lawyer resident who's trying to exterminate them.
The children's books are adapted to the big screen quite well, with some good visual effects to add to the adventure and comedy.
An entertaining family flick which will be particularly enjoyed by the little ones.

The Borrowers
The Borrowers