The Bling Ring

D: Sofia Coppola
A24/NALA/American Zoetrope (Roman Coppola, Sofia Coppola & Youree Henley)
USA 🇺🇸 2013
90 mins


W: Sofia Coppola [based on the Vanity Fair article "The Suspects Wore Louboutins" by Nancy Jo Sales]
DP: Harris Savides & Christopher Blauvelt
Ed: Sarah Flack
Mus: Brian Reitzell & Daniel Lopatin

Katie Chang (Rebecca Ahn), Israel Broussard (Mark Hall), Emma Watson (Nicki Moore), Taissa Farmiga (Sam Moore), Leslie Mann (Laurie Moore)

The fact that this film is based on a Vanity Fair article will immediately tell you whether you'll enjoy watching it or not, and though Sofia Coppola may have aimed for this to be a satire on celebrity culture, it's nothing of the sort.
A group of vapid, superficial, fame-obsessed high school students use the internet to track the whereabouts of various celebrities so they can commit burglary and steal designer gear and cash. Aside from being a bunch of thieving shits, the youngsters have no other personality traits aside from taking drugs and selfies.
This is merely a film to trade on the controversy of Emma Watson playing a bad girl, but it's so boringly told that it's really hard to care.
Francis Ford Coppola's contribution to the crime genre was The Godfather. Aside from Lost In Translation, is this the best Sofia Coppola can churn out? Says it all really.

Emma Watson in The Bling Ring
Emma Watson in The Bling Ring
Did You Know:
The scene at Paris Hilton's house was actually filmed in her house in real life.