The Believer

D: Henry Bean
Pathé/Fuller (Christopher Roberts & Susan Hoffman)
USA 🇺🇸 2001
98 mins
W: Henry Bean
DP: Jim Denault
Ed: Mayin Lo & Lee Percy
Mus: Joel Diamond
PD: Susan Block
Ryan Gosling (Danny Balint), Billy Zane (Curtis Zampf), Summer Phoenix (Carla Moebius), Theresa Russell (Lina Moebius), Garret Dillahunt (Billings)
An intelligent, well-spoken Jewish student moonlights as the leader of a Neo-Nazi gang.
Interesting drama about hatred and self-loathing with an excellent early performance from Ryan Gosling.
An uncomfortable watch in places, with themes similar to 1998's American History X, but still a very good film, despite its controversial themes.

Ryan Gosling in The Believer
Ryan Gosling in The Believer
Did You Know:
Due to the film's low budget, the crew could not afford filming permits and many outdoor scenes had to be shot quickly, preferably in one take.