The Beastmaster

D: Don Coscarelli
EMI/Ecta (Paul Pepperman & Sylvio Tabet)
USA 🇺🇸 1982
188 mins
W: Don Coscarelli & Paul Pepperman
DP: John Alcott
Ed: Roy Watts
Mus: Lee Holdridge
PD: Conrad E. Angone
Marc Singer (Dar), Tanya Roberts (Kiri), Rip Torn (Maax), John Amos (Seth), Rod Loomis (King Zed)
An unremarkable sword & sorcery comic strip adventure with performances and production values slightly better than a glut of others released around the same time. 
Unfortunately, the success of this one was very much eclipsed by the far superior Conan The Barbarian, released the same year.
Cheesy as it gets, but it's possible to understand how it became a guilty pleasure cult favourite.

Mark Singer in The Beastmaster
Mark Singer in The Beastmaster
Did You Know:
The eagle often refused to fly on cue. To shoot footage of it in the air, it was dropped from a trapdoor in a hot air balloon.