Le Boucher

D: Claude Chabrol
La Boétie/Euro International (André Génoves)     
France/Italy 🇫🇷 🇮🇹 1970
94 mins
W: Claude Chabrol
DP: Jean Rabier
Ed: Jacques Gaillard
Mus: Pierre Jansen
Stephane Audran (Helene Daville), Jean Yanne (Paul Thomas), Antonio Passalia (Angelo), Mario Beccaria (Leon Hamel)
Supposedly a French classic, this movie was sold to me on the premise of it being a thriller. It isn't.
A working class butcher develops an obsessive relationship with a school teacher in a small French village where a serial killer is murdering young women.
It tries to be Hitchcockian but it's very much a drama about sexual frustration. Not to say it isn't a good film, I just expected something very much different. I personally much prefer the work of Henri-Georges Clouzet from around the same period of French cinema.

Jean Yanne & Stephane Audran in Le Boucher
Jean Yanne & Stephane Audran in Le Boucher