Three cons. One heist. No rules.
Three cons. One heist. No rules.

D: Michael Winner
Castle Premier (Michael Winner)
USA 🇺🇸 1990
92 mins
W: Leslie Bricusse, Laurence Marks & Maurice Gran
DP: Alan Jones
Ed: Terry Rawlings
Mus: John du Prez
Michael Caine (Sidney Lipton / Daniel Hicklar), Roger Moore (Gerald Bradley-Smith / Sir John Bavistock), Sally Kirkland (Willie)
Not a fun comedy about darts, but a tedious crime caper about two con men who impersonate crooked rocket scientists. 
The performances are abysmal, it's totally unfunny and the director's career really shouldn't have lasted beyond the 1970's.

The cast of Bullseye!
The cast of Bullseye!