Broken Arrow

D: John Woo
20th Century Fox/WCG (Mark Gordon, Bill Badalato & Terence Chang)
USA 🇺🇸 1996
86 mins


W: Graham Yost
DP: Peter Levy
Ed: John Wright, Steve Mirkovich & Joe Hutshing
Mus: Hans Zimmer

John Travolta (Vic Deakins), Christian Slater (Riley Hale), Samantha Mathis (Terry Carmichael), Delroy Lindo (Col. Max Wilkins), Bob Gunton (Pritchett), Frank Whaley (Giles Prentice), Howie Long (Kelly), Vondie Curtis-Hall (Lt. Col. Sam Rhodes)

Preposterous but fun action movie about a pilot's pursuit of a colleague who has absconded with a high-tech stealth bomber complete with an arsenal of nuclear weapons.
The plot logic is non-existent and John Travolta delivers a ridiculously OTT performance, but it's just one of them brainless action flicks you can enjoy with a bagful of popcorn.

John Travolta in Broken Arrow
John Travolta in Broken Arrow