Brassed Off

D: Mark Herman 
Prominent/Channel 4 (Steve Abbott)
USA 🇬🇧 1996
107 mins


W: Mark Herman
DP: Andy Collins
Ed: Michael Ellis
Mus: Trevor Jones
PD: Don Taylor

Pete Posthelthwaite (Danny Ormondroyd), Ewan McGregor (Andy Barrow), Tara Fitzgerald (Gloria Mullins), Stephen Tompkinson (Phil Ormondroyd), Jim Carter (Harry)

Sentimental comedy set in a small mining village where the mines are set to close, a group of band musicians stick together to play in a national competition.
It's a film which reaches out to people from similar communities as it's target audience. A year later, The Full Monty was released, focusing on another group of people who formed a unit after the closure of an area's big business- it was much funnier and relied on comedy to engage its audience rather than schmaltz.

Ewan McGregor & Tara Fitzgerald in Brassed Off
Ewan McGregor & Tara Fitzgerald in Brassed Off