An adventure in ecstasy
An adventure in ecstasy
D: John Derek
Cannon/City (Bo Derek)
USA 🇺🇸 1984
104 mins
W: John Derek
DP: John Derek
Ed: John Derek
Mus: Peter Bernstein
Bo Derek (Ayre 'Mac' McGillvary), George Kennedy (Cotton), Andrea Occhipinti (Rejoneador Angel Sacristan), Ana Obregon (Catalina), Olivia D'Abo (Paloma)
Ridiculous erotic tale about a young woman who travels the globe in the 1920's trying to find the ideal man worthy to sacrifice her virginity to. 
Considering this smut was directed, written, photographed and edited by the main star's husband, it's nothing but a personal project for them. The production values resemble the quality of cheap porn and trying to imagine Bo Derek as an innocent young girl is an impossibility. 
Had this been an honest piece of pornography, it could easily be bypassed on radar without causing offence, but the attempt to pass itself off as an actual film is an insult to celluloid.

Bo Derek in Bolero
Bo Derek in Bolero