Body Double

You can't believe everything you see
You can't believe everything you see
D: Brian de Palma
Columbia/Delphi (Brian de Palma)
USA 🇺🇸 1984
114 mins
W: Robert J. Avrech & Brian de Palma
DP: Stephen H. Burum
Ed: Jerry Greenberg & Bill Pankow
Mus: Pino Donaggio
PD: Ida Random
Craig Wasson (Jake Scully), Gregg Henry (Sam Bouchard), Melanie Griffith (Holly Body), Deborah Shelton (Gloria Revelle), Guy Boyd (Det. Jim McLean), Dennis Franz (Rubin)
Brian de Palma's version of Hitchcock's Rear Window which might as well have been made as a softcore porn film, with Craig Wasson as an out-of-work actor and occasional voyeur who witnesses his neighbour being murdered.
This thriller begins interestingly enough but then just becomes cheap and sordid as it abruptly enters the world of pornography. The inclusion of a music video for a Frankie Goes To Hollywood song halfway through the movie is simply baffling, coming completely out of nowhere like a punch to the head. Melanie Griffith is the standout of the cast in a limited role, while Craig Wasson lacks the acting skills to give a credible or convincing performance. 

Body Double
Body Double