BOBBY (15)
D: Emilio Estevez
MGM/The Weinstein Company (Michel Litvak, Edward Bass & Holly Wiersma)
USA 🇺🇸 2006
120 mins


W: Emilio Estevez
DP: Michael Barrett
Ed: Richard Chew
Mus: Mark Isham
PD: Patti Podesta
Cos: Julie Weiss

Harry Belafonte (Nelson), Emilio Estevez (Tim Fallon), Laurence Fishburne (Edward Robinson), Heather Graham (Angela), Anthony Hopkins (John Casey), Helen Hunt (Samantha), Ashton Kutcher (Fisher), Shia LaBeouf (Cooper), Lindsey Lohan (Diane Howser), William H. Macy (Paul Ebbers), Demi Moore (Virginia Fallon), Martin Sheen (Jack), Sharon Stone (Miriam Ebbers), Elijah Wood (William Avary)

A vignette of soap opera style stories set at a hotel in the build up to the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, starring an enormous cast of some rather big names, and multiple stories unfold over the course of a day.
The separate stories don't really interlink as well as similar films (Crash, Short Cuts, etc) and the first hour drags quite heavily, but it builds up to a powerful climax with clever editing in which real life footage blends perfectly with the fictional stories.
The acting performances range from good to Ashton Kutcher, who practically plays himself as a stoner junkie.  
A real surprise was Lindsey Lohan, who delivers a pretty good performance as a newlywed.
Emilio Estevez shows some good credentials as a writer-director, but the film doesn't really say anything new about RFK's assassination and the motives behind assassin Sirhan Sirhan's actions are not looked at all in any sort of depth.

The cast of Bobby
The cast of Bobby