Blame It On Rio


D: Stanley Donen
Sherwood (Stanley Donen)
USA 🇺🇸 1984
100 mins
W: Charlie Peters & Larry Gelbart [based on the screenplay 'Un Moment d'Egarement' by Claude Berri]
DP: Reynaldo Villalobos
Ed: George Hively & Richard Marden
Mus: Ken Wannberg
Michael Caine (Matthew Hollis), Joseph Bologna (Victor Lyons), Valerie Harper (Karen Hollis), Michelle Johnson (Jennifer Lyons), Demi Moore (Nikki Hollis)
During the early 1980's, Michael Caine made some poor choices undertaking certain roles, as he has often admitted to, choosing scripts based on the filming location and practically globe-trotting on the studio bucks. 
One of the films he made within this period was this tepid sex farce, based on a 1977 French film (Un Moment d'Egarement), set on the sunny beaches of Brazil where a married, middle-aged businessman begins an affair with his best friend's teenage daughter.
It's all in pretty bad taste and doesn't have much to laugh about, except perhaps Michelle Johnson's attempt at acting.  Insipid rubbish. I can't quite decide what to blame it on.
Michelle Johnson & Michael Caine on Blame It On Rio
Michelle Johnson & Michael Caine on Blame It On Rio
Did You Know:
The movie was shot on-location in Rio de Janeiro, and was beset by problems from the outset, with city bureaucrats requiring extensive knowledge of the shoot, as well as production being halted by inclement weather when it was forecast otherwise.
Michael Caine has hinted in interviews that he only took the part due to the filming location.