Best Seller

If words could kill...
If words could kill...
D: John Flynn
Orion/Hemdale (Carter de Haven)
USA 🇺🇸 1987
110 mins
W: Larry Cohen
DP: Fred Murphy
Ed: David Rosenbloom
Mus: Jay Ferguson
PD: Gene Rudolf
James Woods (Cleve), Brian Dennehy (Dennis Meechum), Victoria Tennant (Roberta Gillian), Allison Balson (Holly Meechum), Paul Shenar (David Madlock), George Coe (Graham)
I've always thought James Woods was a very underrated actor & his performance in this movie is amongst his very best.
He plays a hitman who teams up with cop-turned-author to blow the whistle on his politician former-boss and his company formed with stolen funds.
It's not your typical buddy-buddy picture, in fact, it's the very opposite. Woods is not a pleasant person, whilst his "partner" Brian Dennehy is whiter than white.
A surprisingly good thriller from the pen of Larry Cohen, best known for writing schlock horror movies of the early 80's.                      

James Woods & Brian Dennehy in Best Seller
James Woods & Brian Dennehy in Best Seller
Did You Know:
James Woods had just quit smoking prior to filming. When it came time to shoot the 'cigarette on the palm' scene, Woods suggested he take an already lit cigarette from a patron, that way he wouldn't have to light and smoke a cigarette himself.