Be careful what you unleash
Be careful what you unleash

BEAST (15)

D: Michael Pearce

30 West/Agile/Stray Bear (Kristian Brodie, Lauren Dark & Ivana MacKinnon)

UKย ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡งย 2017 (released 2018)

106 mins


W: Michael Pearce

DP: Benjamin Kracun

Ed: Maya Maffioli

Jessie Buckley (Moll), Johnny Flynn (Pascal), Emily Taaffe (Tamara), Geraldine James (Hilary), Trystane Gravelle (Clifford)

Set on the island of Jersey, this British drama stars Jessie Buckley as a troubled young woman from an oppressive family who becomes romantically involved with a stranger to their small, rural town.

As their relationship develops, it emerges that her suitor is a suspect of a series of brutal murders.

The austere atmosphere of the settings gives this drama a bleak, downbeat feeling and the two lead performances are excellent, especially Jessie Buckley and the film was incredibly well received by critics and was reasonably successful on the indie market.

Certainly amongst the best British films the year it was released.

In some countries, it was retitled as "Jersey Affair" for some awful reason.


Jessie Buckley & Johnny Flynn in Beast
Jessie Buckley & Johnny Flynn in Beast
Did You Know:
Writer-director Michael Pearce previously lived in Jersey and this movie is loosely based on a real life person dubbed The Beast of Jersey who terrorized the island of Jersey in the 1960s and 1970s.