Battle: Los Angeles

It's not war. It's survival.
It's not war. It's survival.


D: Jonathan Liebesman
Columbia/Relativity Media (Jeffrey Chernov & David Greenblatt)
USA 🇺🇸 2011
116 mins
Action/Science Fiction
W: Chris Bertolini
DP: Lukas Ettlin
Ed: Christian Wagner
Mus: Brian Tyler
Aaron Eckhart (Sgt. Michael Nantz), Michelle Rodriguez (Sgt. Elena Santos), Ramon Rodriguez (2nd Lt. William Martinez), Bridget Moynahan (Michele), Ne-Yo (Cpl. Kevin J. 'Specks' Harris), Michael Peña (Joe Rincon)
Those expecting an action-packed science fiction extravaganza like Independence Day or the original TV series of V will be hugely disappointed, this film plays out like a video game.
Marines run around Louisiana (dressed to look like Los Angeles), blowing shit up like excerpts from metal gear solid.
No attention is paid to characterisation or believable dialogue, leaving a cast of capable actors all at sea.
A similar-themed film, Skyline, was released the same year, to weaker reviews, despite being a much better film.

Battle: Los Angeles
Battle: Los Angeles
Did You Know:
Aaron Eckhart broke his arm while filming a stunt. Despite the injury, he still never missed a day of work.