Barb Wire

No laws. No limits. No turning back.
No laws. No limits. No turning back.
D: David Hogan
Polygram/Propaganda/Dark Horse (Mike Richardson, Todd Moyer & Brad Wyman)
USA 🇺🇸 1996
99 mins
Adventure/Science Fiction
W: Chuck Pfarrer & Ilene Chaiken [based on characters from Dark Horse comics]
DP: Rick Bora
Ed: Peter Schink
Mus: Michel Colombier
PD: Jean-Phillipe Carp
Pamela Anderson-Lee (Barbara 'Barb Wire' Kopetski), Temeura Morrison (Axel Hood), Victoria Rowell (Dr. Corina Devonshire), Jack Noseworthy (Charlie Kopetski), Xander Berkeley (Alexander Willis), Udo Kier (Curly), Steve Railsback (Colonel Pryzer)
Risible comic book adventure about a futuristic bounty hunter which tried to launch Pamela Anderson's acting career.
The plot could be easily summed up as a post-apocalyptic version of Casablanca set in a seedy strip club populated with a horde of unlikeable characters.
It should come as no surprise that the film was a huge flop and Anderson's film career came to nothing. What may come as a surprise is that the film was so terrible that it caused the original source comic book series to discontinue shortly after this film's cinematic release.

Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire
Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire
Did You Know:
The opening "wet strip", in which Barb dances in a strip club with her breasts hanging out of her rubber dress, while being sprayed with water, was suggested by Pamela Anderson after she was inspired by a nightmare she had, in which she was being sprayed with champagne while performing a "nasty dance". David Hogan, who was under pressure to include more nudity, liked the idea, and threw out the movie's original opening to include it.