Bad Teacher

She doesn't give an F
She doesn't give an F
D: Jake Kasdan
Columbia/Radar/Mosaic (Jimmy Miller & David Householter)
USA 🇺🇸 2011
92 mins
W: Lee Eisenberg & Gene Stuanitsky
DP: Alar Kivilo
Ed: Tara Timpone
Mus: Michael Andrews
Cameron Diaz (Elizabeth Halsey), Jason Segel (Russell Gettis), Justin Timberlake (Scott Delacorte), Lucy Punch (Amy Squirrel), Phyllis Smith (Lynn Davies)
I don't particularly like Cameron Diaz at the best of times, so I'm clearly going to dislike a film in which she plays an incredibly unlikeable character.
She is the bad teacher of the title, coasting through her job (which she hates) and blaming all her shortcomings on an innocent, hardworking and honest colleague... And we're supposed to be rooting for the shallow wench?  In what backwards society exactly???
Perhaps it wouldn't have been so bad if all the other characters weren't so poorly written, but they are.
This film was about as funny as root canal treatment. I can't help but think that Bad Actress or Bad Screenplay would have been a more apt title. 

Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher
Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher
Did You Know:
Throughout the movie, Cameron Diaz wears mostly Christian Louboutin shoes. This is due to a contract between the movie producers and Louboutin himself for marketing his company's red-soled shoes.