Bad Boy Bubby

He's been in his room for 35 years. It's time to let him out!
He's been in his room for 35 years. It's time to let him out!


D: Rolf de Heer

Roadshow/Fandango/SAFC (Rolf de Heer, Domenico Procacci & Giorgio Draskovic)

Australia/Italy 🇦🇺 🇮🇹 1993

114 mins


W: Rolf de Heer

DP: Ian Jones

Ed: Suresh Ayyar

Mus: Graham Tardiff

Nicholas Hope (Bubby), Claire Benito (Mam), Ralph Cotterill (Pop), Carmel Johnson (Angel), Paul Philpot (Paul)

An awkward and disturbing black comedy from Australia, focusing on a mentally retarded man-child who had spent the entirety of his 35-year-old life trapped in a room by his incestuous mother who has convinced him that the air beyond the walls is poisonous.

Upon figuring out the truth and murdering his parents, he escapes to the world outside, which he finds as strange as the people find him.

Due to the nature of the story and the minimalistic style in which it's filmed, it would be an easy film to dismiss, but it would be appreciated by those who like things a little weird, particularly fans of David Lynch, since the film practically aspires to be an Australian version of Eraserhead.


Nicholas Hope in Bad Boy Bubby
Nicholas Hope in Bad Boy Bubby
Did You Know:
There were 32 different Directors of Photography during the shoot. The idea was to have a different D.P. for every new place that Bubby went to not only give the film more of an experimental feel, but also to eliminate the worry of having to always have the same crew on set every day.