Back to School

D: Alan Metter
Orion/Paper Clip (Chuck Russell)
USA 🇺🇸 1986
94 mins
W: Stephen Kampmann, Harold Ramis, Will Porter & Peter Torokvei
DP: Thomas Ackerman
Ed: David Rawlins
Mus: Danny Elfman
Rodney Dangerfield (Thornton Melon), Sally Kellerman (Diane), Burt Young (Lou), Keith Gordon (Jason Melon), Robert Downey, Jr. (Derek), Paxton Whitehead (Philip Barbay)
A one-joke sitcom standard comedy about an obnoxious millionaire who enrols at a reputable university as a freshman so he can spend more time with his estranged son.
The enjoyment factor of this film depends very heavily on whether or not you like Rodney Dangerfield. I don't. I think he's an unfunny, unpalatable, bug-eyed arsehole who actually makes me feel a little bit sick.
Jude Cole's title song is the only thing I enjoyed about the entire movie.

Rodney Dangerfield in Back To School
Rodney Dangerfield in Back To School
Did You Know:
In the original script, Rodney Dangerfield's character was poor, but Harold Ramis suggested that it be changed to make him rich.