The Age of Adeline

Love is Timeless
Love is Timeless
D: Lee Toland Krieger
Lionsgate/Lakeshore (Sidney Kimmel, Gary Lucchesi & Tom Rosenberg)
USA 🇺🇸 2015
112 mins


W: J. Mills Goodloe & Salvador Pascowicz
DP: David Lanzenberg
Ed: Melissa Kent
Mus: Rob Simonsen

Blake Lively (Adaline Bowman / Jenny Larson), Michiel Huisman (Ellis Jones), Harrison Ford (William Jones), Kathy Baker (Kathy Jones), Ellen Burstyn (Flemming Prescott)

The Age of Adaline is a love story with a fantasy twist, its main character Adaline Bowman, is a woman born in the early 20th century but unable to age since a freak accident when she was 29 years old.
In the eight decades which follow the accident, Adaline lives a secretive life where she must change her identity every so often and cannot allow herself to become romantically involved with anyone due to her apparent immortality.
This changes when she meets a man on New Years Eve who turns out to be the son of a man who loved her earlier in her life.
The story does have some flaws, particularly with its non-linear narrative structure and unnecessary butterfly-effect explanations, but it does feature very strong performances, with Harrison Ford delivering his finest work in years and Blake Lively with her best screen performance to date.
The cinematography is also exquisite, perfectly capturing the modern day San Francisco vistas as well as the periods of decades past.

Blake Lively in The Age of Adeline
Blake Lively in The Age of Adeline
Did You Know:
J. Mills Goodloe's original screenplay featured New York as the setting for the film, but the the author later changed the location to San Francisco because he thought it had a more appropriate ambience for the film.

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Nominations: 2 (Best Actress in a Leading Role; Best Cinematography)


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