AWAKE (12)

D: Joby Harold

MGM/The Weinstein Company (Jason Kliot, John Penotti, Joana Vicente & Fisher Stevens)

USA 🇺🇸 2007

84 mins


W: Joby Harold

DP: Russell Carpenter

Ed: Craig McKay

Mus: Samuel Sim

Hayden Christensen (Clay Beresford, Jr.), Jessica Alba (Sam Lockwood), Terrence Howard (Dr. Jack Harper), Lena Olin (Lilith Beresford), Nathalie Efron (Mary Beresford), Fisher Stevens (Dr. Putnam)

Awake is a preposterous thriller which could have been a worthwhile watch if it had been helmed by someone like Alfred Hitchcock, but under the guidance of the cast & crew here, it's more unintentionally funny than it is thrilling.

Looking for a role to save his career after his awful performances in the Star Wars prequels, Hayden Christensen plays a smug, young billionaire with a health issue who has to go under the microscope shortly after his marriage to his beautiful secretary (played by Jessica Alba).

Whilst on the operating table under anaesthetic, he becomes receptive of the goings on around him, despite being paralysed and unable to move and talk, and discovers that the surgeons performing the operation plan to murder him.

The general plot has promise, but it's so woefully acted and directed that the film turns into a huge mess, and with the direction the script takes, it actually makes no difference at all whether or not Clay's character becomes conscious of his surroundings, since this doesn't come into play at all for the film's conclusion, which is so painfully obvious from the offset, it wouldn't make any difference if you nodded off for half the movie.

Personally, I didn't care for his character at all and wouldn't have minded if, on this occasion, the bad guys won. Sleep-inducing rubbish.


Hayden Christensen in Awake
Hayden Christensen in Awake
Did You Know:
Hayden Christensen replaced Jared Leto who originally was considered to play the main character and Jessica Alba's character was originally to be played by Kate Bosworth, who dropped out to film Superman Returns.

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Worst Of The Year: 8 nominations (Worst Film, Worst Actor, Worst Actress, Worst Director, Worst Supporting Actor, Worst Screen Couple, Double Act or Team, Worst Ensemble Cast, Worst Original Score)


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