Attack the Block

Inner City vs Outer Space
Inner City vs Outer Space
D: Joe Cornish
Studio Canal/UK Film Council/Big Talk/Film4 (Nira Park & James Wilson)
UK 🇬🇧 2011
88 mins
Science Fiction
W: Joe Cornish 
DP: Tom Townsend
Ed: Jonathan Amos
Mus: Basement Jaxx & Steven Price

Jodie Whittaker (Samantha Adams), John Boyega (Moses), Alex Esmail (Pest), Franz Drameh (Dennis), Leeon Jones (Jerome), Simon Howard (Biggz), Luke Treadaway (Brewis), Nick Frost (Ron)
"Bear alienz with a zed, innit bruv? Dey iz bear invaydin' the 'hood n tingz, you knowz wot I is sayin'?"
Actually, no. I don't. And the above sentence is actually more intelligible than the majority of dialogue in this pathetic excuse for entertainment in which a scummy South London council estate full of hooligans, thugs and drug dealers is the subject of an alien invasion.
Strangely enough, this film did find some moderate success with a demographic I share nothing in common with but this just seems ample proof that a fool and their money are easily parted.
To me, this film is just a bunch of shits behaving like a bunch of shits and these are the fuckers the audience are supposed to be rooting for???? I just don't get it and for that reason I switched it off and pretended that the aliens won, for I am a cynic who would rather face Armageddon than put my faith in a group of drug-dealing, antisocial rapists who can't put an intelligent sentence together and lack even the slightest bit of charm or even simple manners. Disrespectful, odious cretins!
Personally, I think 'rudeboyz' and gang culture is a disgrace to Britain and I find it distasteful that a film exists where this style of characterisation should be embraced. Projects like this only make me cheer the demise of the UK Film Council so trash like it can't find their way on to cinema screens. I just wonder which library had to close it's doors in order for this piece of shit to be funded.

Attack the Block
Attack the Block
Did You Know:
Writer/director Joe Cornish interviewed various kids in youthgroups to study the way they spoke, gather soundbites for dialogue and to find out what kind of weapons they would use if an alien invasion occurred.

Award Wins & Nominations:


Wins: none

Nominations: none

Worst of the Year: 3 nominations (Worst Screenplay (Original), Worst Excuse for a Comedy, Worst Horror Movie)


Wins: none

Nominations: none


Wins: none

Nominations: 1 (Best Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer)


Austin Film Critics (Best First Film, Best Original Score); Black Reel Awards (Best Actor, Best Foreign Film); Fangoria Chainsaw Awards (Best Makeup); Golden Schmoes (Best Horror Movie); Internet Film Critics Society (Best Horror / Sci-Fi Movie); New York Online Critics (Best Debut Director); Toronto Film Festival (Best Production Design)