Angel Heart

It will scare you to your very soul
It will scare you to your very soul
D: Alan Parker
Tristar/Carolco (Alan Marshall & Elliot Kastner)
USA 🇺🇸 1987
109 mins


W: Alan Parker [based on the novel 'Fallen Angel' by William Hjortsberg]
DP: Michael Seresin
Ed: Gerry Hambling
Mus: Trevor Jones
PD: Brian Morris

Mickey Rourke (Harry Angel), Robert DeNiro (Louis Cypher), Lisa Bonet (Epiphany Proudfoot), Charlotte Rampling (Margaret Krusemark)

New York, 1955. Harry Angel (Rourke) is hired for $125 a day to track down the big band singer Johnny Favorite. 
What seems like a straightforward missing persons case dramatically becomes a murder hunt for the down-and-out detective. 
His client, Louis Cyphre (DeNiro), a mysterious stranger, ups his fee to keep Angel on the case.  Each of Angel's leads ends up as a victim of a ritualistic act of murder as he begins to put the pieces of the jigsaw of Johnny's strange story into place.
An atmospheric, moody thriller from director Alan Parker, with a couple of decent performances from the two main actors.  The most negative thing about the entire movie is that it's so obvious to anyone with half a brain what the big twist is.

Robert de Niro in Angel Heart
Robert de Niro in Angel Heart
Did You Know:
Lisa Bonet was fired from TV's The Cosby Show for appearing topless in this movie.

Award Wins & Nominations:


Wins: none

Nominations: 2 (Best Cinematography; Best Original Score)


Wins: none

Nominations: none


Wins: none

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Jupiter Award (Best International Actor)