American Me

In prison they are the law. On the streets they are the power.
In prison they are the law. On the streets they are the power.
D: Edward James Olmos
Y.O.Y. (Sean Daniel, Robert M. Young & Edward James Olmos)
USA 🇺🇸 1992
125 mins


W: Floyd Mutrux & Desmond Nakano
DP: Reynaldo Villalobos
Ed: Arthur Coburn & Richard Candib
Mus: Dennis Lambert & Claude Gaudette

Edward James Olmos (Montoya Santana), William Forsythe (J.D.), Pepe Serna (Mundo), Danny de La Paz (Puppet), Evelina Fernandez (Julie)

Based on a true story, American Me is a brutally violent prison drama about a Mexican-American hoodlum who forms a gang while serving an 18-year stretch to protect fellow Mexicans from attacks from other inmates, becoming a kingpin behind prison walls.
Upon his release, he finds life difficult to acclimatise to, and soon finds himself back behind bars again.
The film gained notoriety for its brutal depiction of prison life, including a homosexual rape scene, and though the narrative is a little slow moving, the performance of Edward James Olmos is excellent.
The same writers returned to similar themes with Blood In, Blood Out (qv) released a year later. 

Edward James Olmos in American Me
Edward James Olmos in American Me
Did You Know:
Edward James Olmos received many death threats from Mexican Mafia members. Before filming began, they were under the impression that the movie was to be a favourable portrait of their organization, and were angered when the film emphasized their criminal activities.

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