Altered States

D: Ken Russell
Warner Bros. (Howard Gottfried & Daniel Melnick)
USA 🇺🇸 1980
102 mins
Horror/Science Fiction/Thriller
W: Sidney Aaron [based on the novel by Paddy Chayefsky]
DP: Jordan Cronenweth
Ed: Eric Jenkins 
Mus: John Corigliano
William Hurt (Dr. Edward Jessup), Blair Brown (Emily Jessup), Bob Balaban (Arthur Rosenberg), Charles Haid (Mason Parrish), Drew Barrymore (Margaret Jessup)

An interesting twist on the Jekyll & Hyde horror formula with William Hurt making his film debut as a psychologist who uses a sophisticated new use of technology in which he emerges himself in a tank which causes hallucinations of human evolution and he emerges from it as a man poised to kill.
More of a psychological thriller than a conventional horror with good use of special effects and the first movie to use a new format of sound recording and mixing, which might not mean much to the general cinema-goer, but it ensured that it was stood up to be noticed come Oscar night, nominated for two awards in total (Best Sound & Best Original Score).
Certain elements haven't dated well, but it still has a modest cult following.

William Hurt in Altered States
William Hurt in Altered States
Did You Know:
This film was an early user of primitive CGI. The final transformation segments scanned in footage of William Hurt wearing Dick Smith's distorted bodysuits and added in the granular energy effect by computer. This film was also one of the first movies to use computer assistance to make rotoscope mattes (needed for both Hurt's and Blair Blown's transformation in the final sequence).

Award Wins & Nominations:



Wins: none

Nominations: 5 (Best Horror Film; Best Original Dramatic Score; Best Sound; Best Sound Effects Editing; Best Visual Effects)



Wins: none 

Nominations: 2 (Best Original Score; Best Sound)



Wins: none

Nominations: none



Saturn Award (Best Makeup)